Industries We Cater

Sales/Marketing & Field Executive

We at BODHI HR Solutions having separate team for Sales/Marketing and Field Executive hiring which is very important role for every business to grow.

Banking & Financial Services

We fulfill talent needs for all middle and senior management roles across all the segments of the sector such as Investment banking, Retail financial services, Insurance, Wealth Management etc.


India has one of the largest higher education systems in the world. We are closely following the sector and are tuned into the challenges as well as the dynamics of operating in this sector.

Engineering, Process & Infrastructure

The Engineering sector is the largest industrial sector in the country. The Indian engineering sector continues to grow on account of robust internal consumption, which has encouraged both inbound as well as outbound cross border Mergers &Acquisitions (M&A). The sector, long dominated by heavy engineering, is highly structured and technology driven. We at BODHI HR Solutions helping to our client to get right people for this sector.

Telecom Technology

Telecommunication industry is one of the biggest means to hold the communication among people these days. Gone are those days of a an old phone with wire, with the invention of mobile phones there is a boom in this industry as more and more people got attracted and associated with this industry. New business are open both on small as well as large scale. The advancement in the field of technology brought high speed broadband facilities and its usage is increasing the revenue of the country.

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is a pivotal part of the Indian economy and has played a defining role in establishing our economic prowess on the global map. The sector includes software solutions, hardware, IT services, engineering and R&D services and ITES (IT-enabled services). In the ITES segment, India has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for companies looking to offshore their IT and back-office functions due to cost arbitrage, availability of skilled manpower and a favorable business environment.

Automobile & Auto Components

The automobile industry in India is one of the largest as well as fastest growing automobile industries in the world. In recent years, India has become a major auto hub and emerged as an important global manufacturing base for automobile companies as it provides low cost production opportunities along with an added advantage of having a well trained workforce at competitive costs.


The pharmaceutical sector is constantly trying to deliver higher quality products in the face of strict deadlines while maintaining strict FDA compliance. To remain successful, you need the right people so we at BODHI HR Solutions will help you to get right people for your manpower requirement.

Logistic Industry

BODHI HR Solutions is the most popular and experienced logistics staffing agency that helps its clients to solve their requirements through its world-class logistics staffing service. India is still witnessing growth in this sector; But all the businesses in India that have solved their logistic staffing requirement, have seen better results by choosing a well experienced logistic staffing agency.

Construction Industry

A right staffing strategy is very important for successful completion of a construction project. The workers are considered to be the biggest asset for a project and they can give a competitive edge to the business and help the company in growing its bottom line. These workers have to take care of the construction procedures, need to handle equipment as well as to make sure the safety of the workplace. This applies not only to laborers but to supervisors and senior managers as well, so in the construction sector it is very significant to have a well trained workforce beforehand to start a construction project.

Manufacturing Industry

BODHI HR Solutions is the industry leader in the manufacturing staffing services with vast experience in assisting different businesses with the right manufacturing talent pool. Right from the beginning, we have been providing quality professionals from the manufacturing industry with the most relevant skills and experience that fit best as per the client’s requirement.  Since, we are the best manufacturing staffing company, we have in sourcing, high-quality manufacturing staffing services for businesses functioning in different industrial domains. Our dedicated team of professionals filter the candidates, so that you can get the best of the industry.

Consumer Service and Retail

The Indian Retail Industry is one of the fastest growing sectors - domestically as well as internationally. The sector, basically divided into organized and unorganized segments, has different formats for different purposes and customers. Major organized retail formats include Hypermarkets/ Supermarkets, Departmental Stores, Convenience Stores, Shopping malls, E-retailer, Specialty Stores. We help our clients in the identification, assessment and recruitment of talented professionals with brilliant records. Our in-depth experience across sectors spans all functional areas, from top to middle level positions.